Kyrgyz language materials for Peace Corps

In die course of preparing this wort, which had to be completed in a very short time. I was aided by a number of persons. I wish to express my gratitude to Ms. Gulnara Jamasheva. Bishkek, who provided most of me dialogues. I am also indebted to Ms. Venera Tynaliyeva and Dr. Asilbek Aidaraliyev, both from Bishkek, who read parts of the manuscript during their short visits to Seatile. My special thanks are due to Ms. Kathryn Libal, graduate student in Anthropology, University of Washington, who typed the manuscript and offered tireless help. I also wish to thank my students Mr, Kag”an АrEк and Mr. Ablahat Ybrahim for their valuable suggestions and assistance. Ilse D. Cirtautas